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The Tree of life in four seasons


Ιn 2008, the Museum of Asian Art in Corfu conducted an educational program for primary school students and the special school of Corfu in the Pan-Helladic Campaign: Environment and Culture “The Tree of Life in Four Seasons”.

The program included role play, a guided tour, a moving game related to the items in the museum, the showing of a documentary about the calligraphy of the Far East and the ideogram of the tree, a calligraphy workshop where children formed the ideogram of the tree using traditional techniques.

142 students and 30 students with special needs participated in the program.

The educational program was supported by the following educational material:

  • A brochure issued by the Directorate of Museums, Exhibitions and Educational Programs, Department of Educational Programmes GDAPK
  • A documentary produced by the Museum of Asian Art
  • Special paper for painting and calligraphy from the Far East which was distributed to students for the Calligraphy workshop
  • A certificate was awarded to students at the end of the program
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