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Adrian Ginsberg: Corfu - The Other Side

Photographer Adrian Ginsberg, a South African by birth and a lawyer by training, has travelled extensively in Greece and specifically photographed for periods over many years in Corfu.

His exhibition at the Corfu Museum of Asian Art comprised 156 highly original black-and-white photographs. The images address the fundamentals of life: toil, poverty, loneliness, religion, faith, alienation, old age and death.

The photographs depict from a very unusual and profound perspective rarely seen images of the vanishing traditional life of Corfu. Armed with his Leica cameras, the artist relies on a most subtle combination of experience, memory, eye and mind.

The exhibition “Corfu – The Other Side” was comprised of images personally selected by Adrian Ginsberg from his extensive archive.


26/06/2015 - 28/02/2016

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