Corfu Museum of Asian Art

Greece – China: Ancient people, Changing Worlds

9/04/2013 - 25/04/2013

Using the opportunity of Robert McCabe’s temporary photographic exhibition: “Greece – China, ancient peoples, Changing worlds”, an educational program for children took place in the Corfu Museum of Asian Art (4/19/2013 – 4/25/2013).

The program was created for children aged 11 to 13, was run successfully, and gave more than 250 students the opportunity to become acquainted with the world of photography.

The educational program was conducted by Despina Zernioti, Director of the Corfu Museum of Asian Art, and was set up by high school teachers Maria Kriga and Kiriakos Kolesis.

Giorgos Stylianou, student of the Ionian University in the Audio and Visual Arts department, composed a musical synthesis for the program, while Stella Papadoliakou, teacher of the Alternative Cultural Lab of Corfu, made the costumes for the participating children.

From the staff of the Corfu Museum of Asian Art, Efi Makrodimitra – Decorator, Eirini Mexa – Art conservator and Konstantinos Christopoulos – Archaeologist, also contributed.


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